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How to serve the perfect Pint

  When it comes to the world of beer, knowing when the perfect pint is served, is essential Beer lovers are the ones who will know this and will know the details. It doesn’t matter if you’re pouring stouts or Belgians, there’s a proper technique to it. In fact, there’s a technique for different types […]

Hopfest 2018 at The Irish Village

“If you haven’t been to Hopfest at The Irish Village yet, then you’ve probably been hiding under a very large rock” – shortlistdubai.com The Hopfest is back for another year from the 26th – 28th July, making your 2018 that much better! Hopfest is an annual beer festival that The Irish Village in Dubai hosts. […]

Irish Food

The Irish culture is incredibly rich, the food typically highlights the family tradition that is shared across Ireland.   Founded in the 1840’s, the soda bread it simple yet divine, decoratively marked with a cross to ward of the devil (who wouldn’t be tempted to have delicious soda bread!) Next on the menu is Irish […]

The Irish Village – Riverland

The Irish Village has been around for more than 20 years, building a stellar reputation as a fan favorite. It is essentially a Dubai Classic, regardless if you’re a tourist or resident. Recently, The Irish Village opened a new branch for the first time and they have out-done themselves. Located in the heart of Riverland […]

Why Football and Beer are a Match Made in Heaven.

Where there is football, there is beer – lots of it! The ideology behind consuming drinks while watching sports is an old fan tradition – one that persists even today. In fact, nearly 54% of adults between the ages 21 and 35 like to enjoy beverages, like beer, while watching a match. So where did […]

World Cup at the Irish Village

Here we go again with the planet’s LARGEST and most viewed event! World Cup season is a time of joy, filled with excitement, fear, patience and energy and all felt simultaneously. It is a peak of all the  desire people hold for the renowned sport. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil boasted a total of […]