World Cup at the Irish Village

Here we go again with the planet’s LARGEST and most viewed event!

World Cup season is a time of joy, filled with excitement, fear, patience and energy and all felt simultaneously. It is a peak of all the  desire people hold for the renowned sport. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil boasted a total of 3.2 billion viewers. t is one of the most watched tournament to be recorded in history! Watching the World Cup is an emotional experience! Once again, we gather for the 2018 World Cup which is guaranteed to be the same and usually bigger.

Everyone who watches the World Cup, regardless of the level or competition share very similar emotions while watching the sport. Given that, the World Cup certainly holds a special place in the heart of Irish Village! To make the World Cup season even more special this year, we are setting up an exceptional tent, to help bring the experience and spirit of football to life! This summer, come to Irish Village Dubai and celebrate your favorite team in a place where no one is a stranger, just another fan enjoying every exhilarating moment of the game! Feel the energy of this major season at the Irish Village Dubai, make it your home for football this summer!