Caribou + Rhye Live in Dubai at The Irish Village


Canadian electronic band CARIBOU are announced today to play their first ever show in the UAE next month when they play at The Irish Village on Thursday 8 November. The Grammy-nominated four-piece will be joined on the night by RHYE, who will also be making their first stop in UAE.
Caribou are one of the most iconic names on the contemporary electronic circuit. They have spent the last four years touring the world with their energetic and immersive live show – playing all the top festivals across Europe and America from Primavera, Latitude, Pitchfork Paris, Field Day to Coachella. They’ve sold out their own headline stages worldwide from London to Australia including the Sydney Opera House. With a killer catalogue of tunes like Can’t Do Without You, Odessa, Silver, Our Love, Melody Day and Sun, Caribou’s first ever LIVE performance in the UAE is not to be missed.

Based around the spellbinding falsetto vocals of Mike Milosh, six piece Rhye are set to take to the stage for the first time in the UAE. Since the release of their latest album’ ‘Blood’ earlier this year, they have been playing sold out shows everywhere this from Bangkok to London where they were handpicked by The xx to play on their festival bill.


Caribou’s 2007 album Andorra won the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, 2010’s album Swim was on the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist, in June 2013, Snaith’s studio album, Jiaolong, released under the moniker Daphni, was longlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. Caribou’s 2014 album Our Love received the IMPALA Album of the Year Award and Caribou was awarded Essential Mix of the Year in 2014 by Mixmag for his “Essential Mix”. In 2015, Up In Flames was selected by fans to be one of the ten albums reissued by The Leaf Label as part of the label’s 20th anniversary celebrations.


Rhye’s singles ‘The Fall’ and ‘Open’ became viral global hits in 2012 racking up over 44 million and 16 million hits on youtube respectively. Rhye then took the world by storm with the release of their debut album ‘Woman’ in 2013 and are continuing to collect critical acclaim and fans with their new album ‘Blood’. Their uniquely atmospheric and balearic sound evokes comparisons to acts such as Massive Attack and Bonobo whom they collaborated with on massive global single ‘Break Apart’ in 2017.

Zenith Festival presents Caribou (LIVE) plus very special guests Rhye at The Irish Village on Thursday 8 November 2018.

The Hopfest Trade Event

History of Beer


The history of beer is a lot more important than you may initially believe. Beer is one of the oldest beverages that humans have ever made and takes us on a winding journey, about 7,000 years into the past, to where beer was first created – modern day Iran. Beer is one of mankind’s oldest beverages. When cereals were first grown for food, thousands of years ago, a fortunate by-product was discovered. When these tasty grains got wet, they would ferment. This process of fermentation had the ability to transform water into a very palatable drink and so the first beer had been discovered.


One of the great turning points for ancient humanity was the discovery of a method by which sugar could actually be created and fermented into alcohol in the absence of honey or fruit. This technique was the start of what we now call brewing.


The resulting sugary bread was soaked in water, spontaneously fermented, and then strained. And so beer became part of the day-to-day life of mankind. Beer was healthy, pleasantly mood-altering, and full of nutrients and calories, and to obtain it, people created settled agriculture.

How to serve the perfect Pint


When it comes to the world of beer, knowing when the perfect pint is served, is essential Beer lovers are the ones who will know this and will know the details. It doesn’t matter if you’re pouring stouts or Belgians, there’s a proper technique to it. In fact, there’s a technique for different types of beer. For example, a Guinness, has a very specific way of being poured into a glass. There are four steps to it. First, pull the tap fully down and dispense at 45 degrees into a Guinness branded glass. Only fill ¾ of the glass. After you allow it to settle, top up by pushing the top handle back just proud of the rim, thus creating the fabulous Guinness. After all, it only takes 119.5 seconds to have a perfect Guinness served.

A perfect pint is an important component of part of your bar experience. Your customers, a perfect pint can serve to ensure your credibility as a good bar and could help make sure your customers keep coming back.

In order to serve a perfect pint, the draught stout, ale or lager needs to be brewed perfectly and stored at the correct temperature. It is important that it is dispensed through clean beer lines by gas at the right mix at the right temperature.

It is essential that glasses are cool, clean and dry and held under the tap at an angle of 45°. If you have branded glasses, then ensure that you use these glasses when serving the product and that you present these glasses to customers with the brand facing towards them.

For the average beer drinker, the difference between an ale and a lager comes down to how the beer looks, smells, and tastes. Ales tend to be fruity-estery, while lagers are clean-tasting and frequently described as “crisp.” But to a brewer, the difference is more fundamental than that. It’s not color, or flavor, or aroma, or hop/grain/malt varietals or even water hardness that separates a lager from an ale.

Beer Session with Brent Henderson HopFest

Brian McFadden Live at Irish Village

Hopfest 2018 at The Irish Village

“If you haven’t been to Hopfest at The Irish Village yet, then you’ve probably been hiding under a very large rock” –

The Hopfest is back for another year from the 26th – 28th July, making your 2018 that much better! Hopfest is an annual beer festival that The Irish Village in Dubai hosts.

It’s the biggest of its kind in the region, serving over 150 different varieties of beers that include draught, bottled and craft ales, pales, ambers, ciders and more. This is your opportunity to fulfill your love for beer.

Live music is another reason that makes the Hopfest absolutely unmissable.

With the festival being spread over 3 days, you can triple your fun and make each day better than the other. The energy and vibrancy found at the festival is truly unmatchable.

This is not going to be an event that you would want to miss!!

See you there!

Irish Food

The Irish culture is incredibly rich, the food typically highlights the family tradition that is shared across Ireland.


Founded in the 1840’s, the soda bread it simple yet divine, decoratively marked with a cross to ward of the devil (who wouldn’t be tempted to have delicious soda bread!)

Next on the menu is Irish stew! Traditional recipes come in many variations that have been handed down by generations. A typical Irish stew is made out of lamb garnished with delicious potatoes and onions! The stew in particular is a nation favorite, especially during the winter season!

Experience traditional Irish food in your city, visit us at the Irish Village Dubai and take your palette all the way into the heart of Ireland!

The Irish Village – Riverland

The Irish Village has been around for more than 20 years, building a stellar reputation as a fan favorite. It is essentially a Dubai Classic, regardless if you’re a tourist or resident. Recently, The Irish Village opened a new branch for the first time and they have out-done themselves.

Located in the heart of Riverland Dubai, at the Peninsula, with a 19th-Century architectural theme, the restaurant and bar take home a spacious two-floored building.

The view right by the lake is accompanied by a terrace and rightly so, with a view like that it would make your trip to Dubai Parks & Resorts that much better.

Opening a new location and maintaining the same Irish feel, experience, and smiles all around is really tough to do, but The Irish Village have managed to do it.

With the traditional foods still available, such as the Irish stew and classic full English fry up The Irish Village satisfies your cravings.

On top of that, it retains its status as one of the finest places to grab a drink with your group or lay back and relax while watching your favorite sport match.

Timeout Dubai makes a claim that The Irish Village in Riverland Dubai is “one of Riverland’s strongest sells”. If you’re heading to Riverland, the trip isn’t complete until you’ve visited the Irish Village.