How to serve the perfect Pint


When it comes to the world of beer, knowing when the perfect pint is served, is essential Beer lovers are the ones who will know this and will know the details. It doesn’t matter if you’re pouring stouts or Belgians, there’s a proper technique to it. In fact, there’s a technique for different types of beer. For example, a Guinness, has a very specific way of being poured into a glass. There are four steps to it. First, pull the tap fully down and dispense at 45 degrees into a Guinness branded glass. Only fill ¾ of the glass. After you allow it to settle, top up by pushing the top handle back just proud of the rim, thus creating the fabulous Guinness. After all, it only takes 119.5 seconds to have a perfect Guinness served.

A perfect pint is an important component of part of your bar experience. Your customers, a perfect pint can serve to ensure your credibility as a good bar and could help make sure your customers keep coming back.

In order to serve a perfect pint, the draught stout, ale or lager needs to be brewed perfectly and stored at the correct temperature. It is important that it is dispensed through clean beer lines by gas at the right mix at the right temperature.

It is essential that glasses are cool, clean and dry and held under the tap at an angle of 45°. If you have branded glasses, then ensure that you use these glasses when serving the product and that you present these glasses to customers with the brand facing towards them.

For the average beer drinker, the difference between an ale and a lager comes down to how the beer looks, smells, and tastes. Ales tend to be fruity-estery, while lagers are clean-tasting and frequently described as “crisp.” But to a brewer, the difference is more fundamental than that. It’s not color, or flavor, or aroma, or hop/grain/malt varietals or even water hardness that separates a lager from an ale.