There’s IV in everything you feel at the Irish Village

The Irish Village – otherwise known as ‘IV’ – creates an endless list of emotions inside each one of its visitors. Coincidentally, many of these feelings contain the letters ‘IV’ in the word. Guests visit IV to savor divine foods while experiencing the lively concerts in the comforting atmosphere. People view IV as a place to relieve themselves after a stressful day at work and to enjoy the unbelievable and exquisite festivities.



After visiting IV, guests are filled with vivid and unforgettable memories of their riveting experiences; whether it’s something as simple as having a conversation with the friendly staff or coming alive while dancing and enjoying the jovial music. However, IV does more than hold captivating concerts. IV also holds a number of matches and live sporting games such as the Dubai Tennis Championships to keep up that sportive spirit.


Guests thrive on the positive vibes of the ambiance at IV and while it was primarily created as a venue to hold the Dubai Tennis Championships and aimed to please native Irish people, it has been refined to appeal to a more diverse crowd. No matter where guests are from, IV helps alleviate stress and leaves guests of all nationalities feeling convivial and relaxed.